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At no extra cost, we find you the best rates and redirect your orders to known and reliable instant exchanges. We don't interfere in your transaction nor do we have access to your funds. And if you have any problems in your transaction we're here to help you!

Built for Privacy

This website doesn't use JavaScript and your transaction's details are automatically deleted from our database after 14 days, or even sooner if requested. All to protect your identity and safety!

Make your trade in 5 Steps:

1. Select whether you want to make a standard swap or a payment, then choose the coins you wish to change between and the amount you wish to trade.

2. Click 'Exchange' and wait for a few seconds while we search for the best rates for you.

3. Choose your rate and exchange between the options available, fill in the address in which you want to receive your funds and click 'Confirm Exchange'. Make sure you choose your desired network for coins that have more than one option.

4. An address will be generated, to which you must send the amount you chose. Use your cryptocurrency wallet to make the transfer.

5. You can check your transaction status on the same screen. Soon you'll receive your desired coins in the address you provided.


Here we try to answer the most frequent questions and explain a bit of our service.
In case you still have a question, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer!

  • We are an exchange aggregator focused on privacy. When you fill in your desired transaction, we search the best possible rates in our partner exchanges. This means there's no need for you to open an account in a centralized exchange, nor provide your personal information.

    You transfer the chosen amount to the address provided by the exchange, the trade is made and you receive your desired coins directly in your chosen address. It's a fast and safe way of exchanging your coins with anonymity without the hassle and privacy risks of using centralized exchanges.

    Trocador provides software that allows users to choose between exchanges and trade directly with them, we never have access, receive or transfer any of the funds between the parties. As such, Trocador does not qualify as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) as defined by FATF.

  • Our service was designed from the ground up focused on your privacy. We only keep the minimum amount of logs for exchanges that require this and we let you know each one's log policies before creating the transaction. Logs kept at Trocador are never sold or ceded to third parties and are only provided on an individual basis upon request from law enforcement. The rest of your transaction's details is automatically deleted from our database after 14 days, or you could delete them even sooner with the click of a button on the Transaction Status screen.

    We only redirect your order to known and reliable instant exchanges, that receive your deposit, process the trade and transfer your funds directly to your chosen address. We do not have access to your coins at any point of the transaction.

  • Transactions made through our website enjoy our Trocador Guarantee, if for some reason you do not receive your funds and your chosen exchange does not provide proof of a legal order justifying it, Trocador will reimburse you up to the insured amount. This amount varies between exchanges and you can check it by hovering or clicking the shield icon besides each exchange option. Do note that trades with exchanges rated as 'D' are not covered by this Guarantee.

    To get compensation contact us through email or Telegram informing your Transaction ID, we'll talk to your chosen exchange and try to solve your problem. Failing that and if the exchange doesn't provide us some proof that the transaction was halted due to a police request or legal order, we'll reimburse your transaction up to the amount defined when your trade was created. The whole process can take a week, as we try to sort things out with the exchange.

  • Standard Mode is your usual way to convert from one coin to the other. You choose an amount for the coin you'll send and which coin you want to receive. We'll show you the best floating and fixed rates from all our partner exchanges and you can choose the one you want.

    Payment Mode is meant to be used when you need to pay for something, so you choose the amount of the coin to be received instead of sent and which coin you'll use to pay. We'll show you the best fixed rates from all our partner exchanges that support this mode. This is useful for paying stores or services in your preferred coin. An example: Protonmail doesn't yet accept Monero as payment, no problem, choose payment in BTC, copy their address and use it with our payment mode!

    The Buy/Sell tab is for using fiat currencies to buy or sell crypto. It may have fewer crypto options available, but you can circumvent this by using a more common crypto (like the ones listed as recommended) as an intermediary between your fiat currency and your desired crypto.

  • In our Fiat Gateway Aggregator you can choose which crypto you want to buy or sell, which fiat currency you use and the amount to be traded. Trocador will then find the best rates among our partners and you can choose your preferred one to complete the process on their website. Depending on the chosen currency, there are many payment methods available like credit card, bank transfer, GooglePay, ApplePay, UPI, IMPS, GCash, Paymaya, GrabPay and others.

    Be aware that to complete the transaction you'll need to access the partner's website. Each one has their own KYC/Verification policy, so make sure to check their Terms of Use. Trocador never has access to your funds nor any control over their KYC process, we only refer you to your chosen exchange.

  • Usually a transaction takes between 5 and 60 minutes to complete. Depending mostly on the chosen coins and the existence of congestion on their respective networks. Coins with a long transaction confirmation time take longer and the opposite is true for coins with a short transaction confirmation time.

  • All fees are already included in the shown rate. They consist of network transaction fees and exchange fees. This means bigger transactions can have better rates, as the network transaction fees are diluted. You do not pay anything extra for using our service instead of using directly your chosen exchange. We do receive a comission for referring the exchange, but it comes out of the exchange's fee so it doesn't change your rate.

  • Each exchange has its own KYC/AML policy, and they may halt your transaction and demand KYC/AML verification before completing it. Our partner exchanges very rarely do this, but even if it happens they usually give you the choice of refusing and getting a refund instead. You can check each exchange's policies on their websites.

    To help you in your choice we provide a simple KYC/AML Rating for each exchange. To determine an exchange's rating we read their terms of use and privacy policy, ask them directly about how they handle refunding in case of verification refusal and take in account their past history on Trocador. We use the following ratings:

    Never asks for KYC/AML verification.
    Very rarely asks for KYC/AML verification, but refunds if refused.
    Very rarely asks for KYC/AML verification. Refunds if refused, unless a legal order and/or proven ongoing criminal investigation prevents it.
    Very rarely asks for KYC/AML verification, but in case of refusal may block funds indefinitely without a legal order and/or proven ongoing criminal investigation.

    Your chosen exchange may also store your transaction details (amount, coins and addresses). Also be aware some exchanges require logging of the user's IP, UserAgent and AcceptLanguage. These are clearly marked on the exchange screen following these ratings:

    Requires no logging.
    Requires logs to be kept by Trocador. Only to be provided on an individual basis when requested by law enforcement.

  • While a few exchanges accept trades as small as $10, many of them have larger minimum amounts for trading, since network transaction fees may severely impact the rates of small trades. So if you are only checking rates, make sure to use amounts close to what you'll actually trade to get more precise rates.

    Sometimes it may be difficult finding rates when trading directly one less popular coin for another. In this case, using a more popular coin as intermediary can help.

    If you are using Tor or I2P we will show you all rates, but as some exchanges refuse Tor or I2P connections they may be unavailable. This is clearly shown on the exchange screen.

  • A floating rate is an estimate. When the exchange confirms your deposit, they will check market conditions and pick an appropriate new rate. If itโ€™s far enough from the original estimate, some exchanges prompt you if you want to proceed with this new rate or request a refund. Floating rates are recommended for most transactions where you have a known starting amount that you want to convert, since variable rates are better than fixed rates.

    Fixed rates are good for paying invoices. If you know you need to pay 0.1 XMR, you can โ€œlock inโ€ a fixed amount of BTC necessary to get 0.1 XMR. However, if the market moves too much, the exchange may still decide to refund the transaction instead of proceeding with the quote.

    For these reasons we suggest you use floating rate whenever possible. In any case we recommend you have your wallet ready before confirming your transaction to avoid having your transaction expire before blockchain confirmation.

  • Depends on the chosen exchange, usually if you send an amount greater than expected, the difference is refunded deducted of the network transaction fee. If you send less than expected some exchanges will cancel your transaction and refund you, others will complete the transaction sending you proportionately less. Always take care to send the exact amount to the address provided to avoid such problems.

  • Although very rare, this can happen. If necessary, some exchanges ask you in which address you want your refund instead of automatically refunding to your sending address. In this case you must enter the exchange's site and use your transaction details to inform them the refund address. At the end of your transaction we provide you with all its details with the chosen exchange, with this information you can contact the exchange directly to solve your problem. You can also email us or send us a message on Telegram and we'll do our best to help you.