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Swap tokens using decentralized exchanges.
Get the best deals via our aggregation!

DeFi Aggregation

Trocador's partners search the DeFi crypto space and you get the best deals for swapping coins or performing Bridges between two different networks.

Decentralized Exchanges

Our DeFi solution enables you to swap directly with the chosen DEX, a process that usually only takes 1-5 minutes! Be aware that the funds you'll receive will come from a liquidity pool, so the quality of the pool you've chosen will reflect on the quality of the funds received.

Make your trade in 5 Steps:

1. Connect your DeFi wallet to Trocador using the 'Connect' button above. On your wallet, you'll be asked to confirm that you desire to interact with Trocador's DeFi widget.

2. Select the coins and protocol for your swap. Not only can you swap coins on the same protocol, but also exchange two different tokens on different protocols with our Bridge solution.

3. Choose the amount for your trade and the rates will automatically be shown to you.

4. Pick the rate and DEX that you prefer and confirm your swap. You'll be redirected to your wallet, where you should sign the message to start the swap process.

5. The coins will automatically be exchanged and delivered to your wallet. The funds will come from the Liquidity Pool of the DEX you chose.


Below you can find answers to the most frequent questions and we explain a bit of our service.
In case you still have a question, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer!

  • Trocador aggregates the most important Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and Bridges on the crypto space and calculates the best route when performing a swap or asset bridge operation, returning you the best rates.

    All DeFi swaps are performed via smart contracts, that transfer the desired amount to the DEX, which performs the swap and then delivers the desired crypto back to your wallet, all in one operation. This makes DeFi swaps really fast, usually taking under a minute to complete. Trocador never touches your funds. Instead, through Trocador's partners, your wallet interacts directly with the chosen DEX and all communication with the exchange is made via channels from our partners.

  • There are many advantages in swapping via DeFi. These swaps are non-custodial, and the whole proccess of sending, swapping and receiving is completed in a single transaction. This means that swaps are very fast, regularly taking under a minute to complete. Also, since there are many different liquidity pools around, you'll usually find very good rates, normally costing you less than 0.5% on a trade. With DeFi, you can also perform 'bridge' operations, easily bridging the same coin between two different protocols.

    The disadvantage of these swaps is that the funds you receive usually have a higher risk of being tainted compared to funds originated from Centralized Exchanges, such as the ones you would find on our regular swap operations. The cleanliness of the funds may vary a lot, depending on the liquidity pool of the DEX that you've chosen.

    On Trocador, we aggregate the best Decentralized Exchanges around, and you can enable or disable them individually on the DeFi widget. To maintain the quality of funds, these DEXes resort to many strategies, including blacklisting sanctioned addresses, integrating transaction monitoring tools, using decentralized identity verification systems, checking community reporting mechanisms, implementing circuit breakers, among others. Ultimately, however, the choice of which exchange to use is the user's, who should choose with care.

  • As these exchanges are performed automatically, they don't need to KYC the user. However, each exchange may perform AML checks on the funds sent to them, and the result will guide them in processing (or denying service) correctly in each case. Do note that the DeFi widget needs JavaScript to run on your Browser, as it is impossible to connect your wallet (Metamask, Ledger, etc) to the chosen protocol without resorting to JavaScript. Also be aware that this type of smart contracts will interact with different DEXes that are run on different servers, so some data from your device will be available to these third parties, such as IP and device info.

  • Usually a transaction takes between 1 and 5 minutes to complete. Bridge swaps between different protocols might take longer, up to 30 minutes.