Prepaid Crypto Cards

Buy virtual prepaid cards using your preferred coin and live on crypto!


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Choose your Method of Payment
An email to receive the card details
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International Prepaid Cards

Up to $1000 per card, but no limit on the number of cards you can buy. Our cards are issued with a one-time fee of $2 + 3% of the amount. We offer multiple card provider and currency options, some even have a 0% currency conversion fee, so you can spend anywhere without paying more for it! Choose the one that fits you better!

No Document Upload Needed

You just need to provide an e-mail and a valid address when activating it, then import it to your mobile wallet if you want. It's perfect for gifts or for easily spending a bit of your hard-earned crypto gains!

Usually Accepted by:

Buy your Card in 5 Steps:

1. Choose your card's currency, amount, which crypto you wish to use as payment, fill-in your email and confirm you're not from a country in the chosen card provider's restricted list. Make sure you've read the FAQ. Then click 'Buy your Card'.

2. Complete your payment sending the exact amount shown of the crypto you selected. Make sure you send on the correct network.

3. After your payment is confirmed you'll receive an email with your card's activation link and redeem code. Check your 'Spam' folder if necessary. Be aware that the email may take a few hours to be sent, as it depends on our card provider.

4. Activate your card on the link sent using your code, be aware the card provider's website may not work properly with Brave shield or AdBlockers turned on. Fill in a valid address and a phone number if asked. No need to upload any documents, but when importing your card to mobile wallets or paying online be sure to use the same address provided here.

5. You'll see your card details. Import it into a mobile wallet if you desire to use it for in person contactless NFC payments. If your card details don't appear it may be because you are using a VPN blocked by the card provider, try disabling it or choosing another one.

Prepaid Cards F.A.Q.

  • Our prepaid cards are either Mastercard or Visa. They can usually be imported into SamsungPay, GooglePay or ApplePay and are accepted in most online and physical establishments, but this can vary depending on the card provider, country, user device and merchant restrictions.

    This kind of card is not accepted by vendors that require 3DS authentication (vendors that check several factors to authenticate a purchase, including the user's location and whether the personal data provided during the transaction matches the bank's records). They're also not accepted by merchants that refuse gift cards and prepaid cards.

    While in our tests these cards worked very well, we unfortunately can't guarantee their acceptance in any specific case. Depending on many factors, a card could be rejected by GooglePay only to be used without issues with SamsungPay, as an example. If in doubt, we recommend you try a smaller value card first to test its acceptance in your area. You can also check the Restricted Countries List for tips of where each card provider is better accepted or not.

  • You cannot use our cards if you are from a restricted or sanctioned country (Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.). The full list for each card provider can be seen in the link below:

    List of Restricted/Allowed Countries by Provider
  • The services Trocador uses to offer this card charge a convenience fee of 3% of the total amount of the card, plus 2 USD. This fee is charged only once at the moment the card is issued. If you buy your card using one of the cryptocurrecies only supported through AnonPay, there may be an additional charge embedded on the final price due to the coin being converted into a supported crypto that will load your card's balance.

    Depending on your card choice, if you're spending in other currencies, the credit card company may charge additional fees for conversion of the amount from US Dollars to the local currency, this fee is usually 2%. Some of our card options don't charge this conversion fee, so consider using them if you plan to spend in a different currency than the card.

  • Our card generation tool can natively accept most stablecoins on multiple chains, and using AnonPay we have expanded the support to all other crytocurrencies we have listed, such as Monero, Bitcoin Cash and others. If you are paying using a crypto that is not natively supported, an additional fee may be applied to the end price of the card purchase to pay for the conversion into a supported one.

  • This service does not require any personal document upload. You need to provide a name, phone number and address upon the card generation, but there's no need to upload any documents to verify this info.

    Make sure the address used for the card's activation is the same one used when filling in the card's billing information at stores or apps like as GooglePay. When buying online usually the delivery address can be different from the card's billing address.

  • You just need to select a currency, choose a card provider, amount and with which crypto you want to pay. Then provide a valid e-mail, where you'll receive the card's details. Make sure you're not a resident in one of the Restricted Countries and that you've read this FAQ, then click on the 'Buy Your Card' button. A crypto address will be generated, to which you should send the exact amount displayed in order to purchase and load the balance on your card.

    Trocador will work as a conduit system, connecting you and your chosen card provider. After the platform detects the payment, they will send you by e-mail an activation code and a link where you'll fill some basic information in order to activate the card. After activation you'll receive another email with a link which you can use to check its number, curent balance and purchase history. From there, you can import your card to apps such as SamsungPay, GooglePay and ApplePay and then use it on your phone through NFC technology to pay local stores.

    If you encounter any problems contact us through Telegram at @TrocadorSupportBot or by email at and we'll do our best to help you!

  • You can always check your balance and transaction history using the card link that you receive in your e-mail after activation. So it's a good idea to keep that email saved until your card info is no longer needed.